Jurassic Jeep Sahara

Jurassic Jeep… We’ll turn this Sahara Jeep to the #12 from the movie Jurassic Park! This project is exciting for us because it opens a few new avenues for “movie car clones” for Big3 and is a surprise present from a brother to his sister.  The project will be correct from the colors to stickers to winch to light bar etc etc…
When Carolyn received her Jeep, she reached out to us and had this to say:
“Hi Aaron,
I’m the proud recipient of the beautiful 94 Jeep Wrangler you built for me! My brother Spencer gave me your information and I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for all of your hard work making my jeep look and run so perfectly! I can’t begin to explain how happy it makes me and how surprised I was. Spencer has spoken very highly of his experience with you and your team and he is a very meticulous person when it comes to projects like this. Every person who has seen the jeep comments on how exceptionally well done the work is. I’ve never really been particularly into cars but had jokingly lusted after this jeep since I saw the movie as a kid. I’m a bit obsessed with the movies and anyone who knows me knows this was absolutely the best gift I could receive but I never expected him to ever go through with it. I’ve always had pretty nice, safe reliable cars but I never felt like a car was part of my identity or something to love and cherish like some people do, now I fully understand that love. I can honestly say the happiness I get from driving her or even looking at her is on a near level field as how I feel about my dog (pretty much my child) , so that’s saying a lot. I can’t wait to take her on many more adventures, she will be in the family forever! Thank you so very much!
If there is anywhere you’d like us to write reviews of can help promote your shop just let me know. Feel free to use any photos on your site and if you post them on social media you can find me /tag me on Facebook !! ”
The Jeep sourced by owner Spencer is a surprise for his sister’s birthday as she is a huge fan of  the movie series! What a cool project thought up and to be a part of! We are thank full to Spencer for choosing us to recreate this well know move Jeep! Look for it spring 2016!
The Jurassic Jeep is almost done.
We started by having a local sign company make up the proper vinyl decals and stencils and getting the proper paint colors.
We prepped the body and Painted everything.
We also painted the wheels and mounted the proper BFG All-Terrain tires
We sourced a Light From Delta Tech lights and painted it to match as well as designed a winch plate for the Badlands 9000b winch and had our neighbors at Folkman Inc. cut the pattern for us.


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