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What we do

Here at Big 3 we are are many things, from a one-stop restoration shop, to a "Speed Shop"that does high performance upgrades, tuning and custom fabrication. We are also ASE certified and very comfortable with working on a wide variety of cars of all makes and models, including cars that many shops can't handle or would rather not deal with.

Meet the Team

Aaron Stauber

Owner and Lead Mechanic/Fabricator

Aaron Stauber

ASE Certified Master Technician

The driving force behind Big 3, Aaron is skilled and experienced in nearly every aspect of automotive performance and restoration. After years of working in high-end shops, Aaron decided it was time venture out on his own and was presented with the opportunity to buy Big 3 Performance in 2011 and take the business in a new direction. Aaron strives to provide results that customers will brag about and give them the proper service that they pay for.
While Aaron is a muscle car guy at heart, he is equally comfortable restoring a 32 Ford, tuning a turbo import, rebuilding a Ferrari V12, building a custom set of twin turbo headers or setting up a nitrous system on a big block chevy.

-Master fabricator
-Body technician
-Race engine builder
-Dyno certified performance tuning specialist
-Restoration specialist

Heather Leigh Stauber

Receptionist / Manager

Heather Leigh Stauber

Aaron’s wife and mother of 3.  Heather has watched this business grow since day one.  Not coming from a motorsports or custom vehicle background, she has come to understand why this group of enthusiast’s love what they do.  Watching these projects transform from dreams to reality, has opened doors for customers to live out that dream.  

Heather’s appreciation for this service has grown being more involved with the customers and administrative end of things. The relationships being formed are important to her and developing long term friendships. She hopes to have continuing growth in this community, along with the out of state cliental.