’66 Mustang Sally Restomod

Here is a restored we are doing in stages for a local customer. The first stage was the drivetrain.  We started by installing a Ford 8.8 real axle with disc brakes, SSBC front disc brakes, a Tremec 5 speed and built a F.A.S.T. fuel injected 347 Stroker putting out 425+ hp. Then we adjusted the ride height and set the proper driveshaft angle. The car also got long tube headers and a full exhaust system. To help make it a better daily driver we  installed a Total Control Products power steering system and a very trick Classic Auto Air Billet Accessory Serpentine Drive AC system. The owners are currently diving the car daily for 3 seasons of the year, but eventually it will likely come back for more work, including a paint job.

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