Kobolinski Chevy II Drag car

1965 Chevy Nova owned by Brian Kobolinski Jr is one of the most special cars we as a shop are a part of.   "Dollar after Dollar" was well known at Oswego, WIR, Great Lakes Dragway and US30 to name a few. This car was campaigned threw the years by his father Brian Sr. at many tracks like US 30, Great lakes, Oswego, etc. We knew his father well as a frequent visitor and great friend. We often went to the local Mexican restaraunts and ate all the things we probably shouldn't have. We always bench raced and bounced new dreams off on another about the car and loved the Chevy / Mopar battles. This car used to race one of the all time greats Al DeSalvo in his 64 DODGE HEMI (SPARTACUS). Hence Aaron was a little sad his mopar lost! Sr. always told me he won and would make us mopar guys so mad! I loved him and his company very much. After he passed his son Brian JR "AKA Koby" contacted big3 to discuss the return of the dollar after dollar to the tracks and the street! After meeting Koby and seeing his memories and living threw his memories we decided to start the project. With the pro stock style being replaced as a drag radial more street friendly cruiser. Keep one thing in mind this car will not slow down on ET!! It will run a nitrous equipped pump-gas 434 small block Chevy  built by Goodwin Competition. All sheet metal is being replaced to lower the ride height and retain the rear seat with tubular frame rails, mini-tubs and a ladder bar suspension. Yes, it is pretty serious for a street car and will still run 9's. If I could make a smiling face here there would be a huge one!! Thank you Brian

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