Here at Big 3 we are ASE certified and very comfortable with working on a wide variety of cars of all makes and models, but our specialty is High-Performance.

We will also work on cars that many shops can't handle or would rather not deal with

  • Hotrods
  • Tuned Japanese Import
  • European Exotic
  • Competition Cars

If you have a project and feel you are in over your head, or if you bought someone elses problem car with mechanical or electrical issues that present serious challenge, we can help.

Not only can we come and pick up your car,we can also come to you for off site troubleshooting.

  • Short Term Labor Rates $80/hr

  • Hunter Laser Alignment Rack
  • Full 4 wheel camber, caster and toe alignment
  • Ride height adjustment
  • If your car lacks adjustability, we can build it in with new adjustable control arms etc.
  • 4 corner race car scaling
  • Full assortment of attachments to eliminate scratching and work on any style wheel, from custom billet aluminum street wheels to 44" off road truck tires

    Dyno Tuning and Testing

    Our Mustang 4 wheel drive Eddy Current Dyno is an excellent tool with many uses. The term "Eddy Current" means the dyno uses an electromagnetic brake to put resistance, or "load" on the vehicle to simulate driving conditions. Without this resistance it is difficult to troubleshoot problems or properly tune certain engine combinations. This is especially true with turbocharged cars that need load to generate the same boost the car would create on the road. When we decided to invest in a dyno, we didn't cut corners. MustangDyne is considered one of top in the industry, and ours can handle 2000hp, front, rear or all wheel drive, as well as motorcycles.

    Performance tuning

    • Before (baseline) and after power measurements for modifications
    • "Tuning" air/fuel ratio and spark timing for maximum safe power levels
    • Accurately reproducing road resistance on turbocharged cars to tune boost levels as well as air/fuel and spark
    • Full 1/4 mi sprint simulation from a dead stop

    Yes, we tune Weber Carburators.

    Our dyno isn't just for tuning to achieve maximum power.

    • Controled "Loading" of a new engine for proper break in and to seat rings
    • Find and eliminate drivetrain vibrations
    • Tune for optimum crusing air/fuel ratio for best MPG
    • Test ignition performance through out engine speed range

    Baseline 2 pulls - $75. Prices after that will vary. Hourly rental available for DYI tuning.


    High Performance

    We are first and foremost a "Speed Shop". If you are looking for better performance from your car using aftermarket components, we have the experience and facilities to make it happen. If aftermarket wont't cut it, we also do full on Custom Fabrication.

    Engine and Drivetrain Upgrades

    • Full engine building
    • Nitrous Oxide,Turbo and Supercharger Kits
    • Header and exhaust system installation. Full custom exhaust fabrication
    • Transmission swaps and upgrades

    Chassis Upgrades

    • Chassis braces
    • Traction bars, torque links, Watts Links, Panhard Bars
    • Rollbars and cages
    • Suspension upgrades
    • Brake upgrades

    Custom Fabrication

    We can build it.

    Would you like a custom ground up hotrod with a handmade aluminum body? What about a show quality tubbed out musclecar with a blower sticking out of the hood? Maybe a stock appearing sleeper in sheeps clothing with 1200hp and driveline that will hook up and walk away from the wolves?

    • Period Correct Hotrods
    • Period Correct Restomods
    • High-Tech G-Machines
    • Engine Swapped European Muscle
    • Fully Built and Boosted Japanese Street Machines


    • Full Custom Headers
    • Full Custom Exhaust
    • Rollbars and Cages
    • Full Chassis Builds
    • -Race or Street
      -100% custom for your application
      -Tig and/or Mig welded

    • Custom Forced Induction Setups
    • -Fully Plumbed Single or Twin Turbo systems
      -Centrifugal Supercharger mounting and plumbing
      -100% custom for your application
      -Tig welded air-to-air and water-to-air Intercooler systems