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Shop Boss 429 Project

We picked up a very clean 69 Fastback shell and will be building a black on black BOSS 429 out of it. We have Kevin Manley Shock towers on the way and will be running a Jon Kasse crate engine. This Car will appear exactly like an original Boss 429, but will a few exceptions: TCP power steering Rack TKO 600 5 speed Full length headers and original style custom 3″ exhaust.    

Kirk’s 1967 Barracuda

Kurk Butler’s 1967 Plymouth Barracuda. This barracuda was part of the Goodwin Competition collection and will take its shape in the year to come as a pro street, high performance muscle car of the early A bodies. The car will undergo a mini tub along with the installation of a big block pump gas torque monster. His bride wants this car to actually be a true “street car” so…. you know it will need full slicks to drive around on […]